Writing an article using iA Writer and Markdown Tables

In this post I'm going to start writing an article using iA Writer and Markdown Tables.

In non-fiction a table can be an important way of summarising information. Here is the start of my article in iA Writer:

Next I want to add a table of early home computers. Wikipedia is a great place for research. I'm going to start by copying to the clipboard part of a table I would like to have in my document:

I can now start Markdown Tables, which I have in Split View with iA Writer, and import the table from the clipboard.

Once imported I'm going to remove some rows and columns I don't need. I'll also need to tell Markdown Tables that the first row is a header.

Once I've done that I can drag from the export button straight into iA Writer - and a Markdown version of my table appears.

To check how it looks when I'm ready to export my finished article I can put iA Writer into preview mode.

Fantastic! Markdown Tables has saved me a lot of time and frustration in making my document look great.

Download Markdown Tables and save time on your next piece of writing. Markdown Tables is priced at $1.99 and is available on the App Store.