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What is Markdown Tables?

Markdown Tables makes creating and editing plain text tables easy.

Writing tables in Markdown is hard. Many top iOS writing apps use Markdown but don’t include a way to create or edit tables. Most users either don’t know that you can use tables or don’t bother because they are too fiddly.

Markdown Tables is an app for iPhone and iPad which works alongside a users’ favorite writing app. Copy a table in a Markdown writing app to the clipboard and import into Markdown Tables - or on iPad use drag and drop. Once the table has been edited the Markdown is copied to the clipboard and pasted into the writing app - or on iPad drag and drop.

Tasks which were once too frustrating to contemplate - such as inserting columns or deleting columns - are now made easy.

Markdown Tables supports MultiMarkdown and GFM tables. It can also import simple tables copied from web pages.

Available to download from the App Store.



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Who created this app?

This app was created by Matthew Kennard, the developer behind Apps On The Move. Apps On The Move also develops beorg - a plain text task management app for iOS.


If you have any questions email to get in touch.

For updates on upcoming features follow @MarkdownTables on Twitter.